Album Credits

Track List:

Sad Salamanders “The Exotic Sandy Warner”
from Cigarettes and Fishnets (2008)

Robert Drasnin “Hulabulu”
from Voodoo III (2015/2017)

Barry Morgan “Big Bossa” (edit)
Original version from The Touch of You (2012)

Sunday Combo “Womp”
from Music For Lounge Chairs (2012)

Sue Raney “Aren’t You Glad You’re You”
from Listen Here (Japanese edition, 2011)

Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys “Fly Me to the Island”
from Island Slumber (2010)

Sarah Jane & the Blue Notes “On the Sunny Side of the Street”
Previously unreleased; recorded 2013

Ìxtahuele “Searching the Souq” (edit)
Original version from four-song demo recorded 2012

The Alika Lyman Group “Crude”
from The Alika Lyman Group (2013)

Purdy feat. the Red White and Blues Band of the Royal Airforce “This is the Song”
Exclusive track originally released as a non-LP single, 2013

Laura Ainsworth “Last Train To Mercerville”
from Necessary Evil (2013)

Bonus Track

Sue Raney “Something Cool”
Exclusive track unavailable elsewhere; recorded 2010 during Listen Here sessions

Coming soon to Japanese mini-LP CD version of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2

Production Personnel

Album produced by David Gasten
Mastered by Bill Metoyer
Legal assistance by Carmen Hillebrew
Album art by David Gasten with color correction by Bob Gerholdt
Background photo of Santa Monica Pier by James Hjellming

Dedication and Special Thanks

This album is dedicated to the memory of Irene Edna Pretzer (1918-2016), producer David Gasten’s recently departed grandmother and wife of WWII veteran Verne Alan Pretzer.

The album is also dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Moerta, easily our most ardent supporter during this album's four-year production period, who passed suddenly the month before the album was released. 

Special thanks to Pat Reeder and Laura Ainsworth, Laurie Allyn, Carrie Pierce, Bill Reed, Sheri Schultis and family, Joshua (The Mystro) Paul Perron, Darren Long (The Tiki Delights), Doug Hayden, Tom Duncan, Boyd Allen, Tabitha Miller, Frank Skalsky, Aaron Ballard (The World Record), Julie Komarzec, Nathan Schwalm, Kelly Patterson and Paul Spencer (The Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en), Jim Spencer (cocktail pianist and Les Baxter and Julie London biographer), Mike “Ozzy” Gibbens, Tiina Teal (Détente), Bob Gerholdt (Copymat Hollywood), Tati Gerholdt (Tatiana Andrade/Tati Tati Vintage), Sammy Davis (Sammy Davis Vintage), and Elissa Smith for believing in us and helping us launch the ship. We are grateful for your help in bringing this capsule of happiness to people around the world.