October 8, 2017

Thank you everyone for your patience while we work out the kinks with This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life. After releasing the album on August 1, 2017, we ran into a legal situation with one of the tracks on the compilation; the track had to be pulled from the album, and we likewise had to pull the album from distribution.  That said, we have found a wonderful replacement track that is an excellent fit, and which we are working on obtaining permission to use in the other track's place.  Once this track is cleared, we will then need to master the new track for the compilation, and then rework the album art to reflect the changes.  Once this is done, we will reissue This is Vintage Now Vol. 2  on MP3 and streaming, and will be back up and running with a beautifully-mastered record that will take you on an instant vacation to your place of happiness. We also have plans to release the album as a deluxe mini-LP CD for Japan. 

Onward and upward we go―we'll be back soon!

―David Gasten
Producer, This is Vintage Now Vol. 2