October 8, 2019

Well, some things take more time than others. Thank you everyone for your patience while we work on finding a new home for the This is Vintage Now series. This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 in particular will be worth the wait; thanks to the warm, vinyl-like mastering and the mindful sequencing, it will be an album that you will enjoy listening to over and over.

As you may know, the original first track on This is Vintage Now Vol. 2, Laurie Allyn’s “All I Need is You”, was pulled by the licensee. We have since sourced a replacement track, which is American retro jazz singer Laura Ainsworth’s tropicana-style track “An Occasional Man,” from her New Vintage (2017) album (see below). This particular track was not available when we produced the album initially, but it’s a pretty incredible opener and we’re happy that it’s available now.

We hope to be replacing the Laura Ainsworth track “Last Train to Mercerville” (Track 12) with a recent song from a classic 1950s/1960s artist (and we have Ms. Ainsworth’s OK to do this as well). I can’t tell you what the new track is yet, but I will say that it puts a resolution on Purdy’s “This is the Song” (Track 11) very well and brings the album full circle.

We are shooting for a 2020 release, hopefully in time for summer vacation in the Northern Hemisphere. More as we go!

―David Gasten
Producer, This is Vintage Now Vol. 2