This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 two pack (MP3)

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This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 two pack (MP3)

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Features the 13-song, 320 kbps MP3 download of "This is Vintage Now Vol. 2" with the exclusive Sue Raney bonus track, along with the 12-song the Release Party Edition of "This is Vintage Now Vol. 1" (2011) with two more bonus tracks.  25 songs total! (Downloads as one .zip file)

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This two-pack features the 320 kbps download of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 with the exclusive bonus track from Sue Raney that is only available in our store.  It also features another rarity that is only available here: the 12-song "Release Party" edition of This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 (2011) with two bonus tracks, one of which is available nowhere else. That's 25 songs total, or 88 minutes of music.

  • THIS IS VINTAGE NOW VOL. 2 with Exclusive Bonus Track (320 kbps)

Experience the warm hi-fi mastering of "This is Vintage Now Vol. 2" as it should be heard on high-quality 320 kbps (CD quality) MP3! 

In addition to hearing the album in pristine quality, you also get a very special BONUS TRACK available exclusively in our store and nowhere else.  The bonus track is "Something Cool" by SUE RANEY, an outtake from the Listen Here (2011) sessions that has not been released anywhere until now.  "Something Cool" was 1950s jazz vocalist JUNE CHRISTY's signature song, and the 1954 Something Cool LP was one of Capitol Records' best selling albums at the time. Sue Raney's version of "Something Cool" "owns" the song so powerfully that you would never know that the song has been associated so strongly with another singer.  And it is only available here in the This is Vintage Now store. 

  • THIS IS VINTAGE NOW VOL. 1 "RELEASE PARTY EDITION" with two bonus tracks

This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 was released in June 2011, and at the time we released a limited run "Release Party Edition" of the album with two bonus tracks not available in the regular release. This particular download is presented in its original form as a 256 kbps MP3 download.

The first bonus track, David Gasten & the City Kids' "Johnny Thunders, Graveyard Cat", was an outtake from the 2010 "The Deacon Don't Like It" sessions that yielded the track of the same name, which is also on TIVN Vol. 1. This original song was written by This is Vintage Now producer David Gasten, and sends up the romanticism of the "live fast die young" lifestyle that took the life of rock musician Johnny Thunders (The New York Dolls).  The track has never been released anywhere else. 

The second bonus track, Beverly Kenney's "You Couldn't Be Cuter", is an outtake from the sessions of her magnificent orchestral LP Born to Be Blue (1959).  The track was extremely rare when the Release Party Edition of the album came out, but has since received a wider release on Fresh Sound Records' Complete Decca Years (2012) set.

This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 + bonus (320 kbps) track list:

1. Laurie Allyn “All I Need Is You”
2. Sad Salamanders “The Exotic Sandy Warner”
3. Robert Drasnin “Hulabulu”
4. Barry Morgan “Big Bossa” (edit)
5. Sunday Combo “Womp”
6. Sue Raney “Aren’t You Glad You’re You”
7. Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys “Fly Me To the Island”
8. Sarah Jane & the Blue Notes “On the Sunny Side of the Street”
9. Ìxtahuele “Searching the Souq” (edit)
10. The Alika Lyman Group “Crude”
11. Purdy feat. the Red White and Blues Band of the Royal Airforce “This is the Song”
12. Laura Ainsworth “Last Train To Mercerville”
13. Sue Raney “Something Cool” - Exclusive bonus track unavailable elsewhere; recorded in 2010 during the Listen Here sessions

This is Vintage Now Vol. 1 Release Party Edition track list:

1. Beverly Kenney “Tea For Two”
2. Big Jay McNeely “Get On Up and Boogie (Parts 1, 2, and 3)”
3. Caro Emerald “Just One Dance”
4. Ilana Charnelle “Piece”
5. The Pharohs “Tears On My Pillow” (live)
6. The Waitiki 7 “Similau”
7. David Gasten & the City Kids “The Deacon Don't Like It”
8. Carole Creveling “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”
9. Blake Jones & the Trike Shop “If Hawthorne Were Foggy”
10. The Necro Tonz “Fare Thee Well (and Go To Hell)”
11. David Gasten & the City Kids “Johnny Thunders, Graveyard Cat” - bonus track
12. Beverly Kenney “You Couldn't Be Cuter” - bonus track